Three-Minute Audio Profile of Collage Artist Deborah O’Keeffe – MP3

Collage artist Deborah O'Keeffe and her largest composition to date.
Collage artist Deborah O’Keeffe explains where to start when making abstract art. She’s shown here in her studio during the making of her largest work to date. Photo January 2016 by Steve O’Keefe – copyright free.

The link, below, should play a three-minute audio interview with collage artist, Deborah O’Keeffe. In the interview, Deborah first introduces herself and her methods, and then quickly enters a discussion of how her work affects others. She introduces a mammoth new collage and explains how she “grows” a collage without knowing where it’s going.

Collage Artist Deborah O'Keeffe
Collage artist Deborah O’Keeffe. Click on the image or the link, below, to hear an audio profile of the artist. Photo by Steve O’Keefe – copyright free.

This three-minute audio was produced by the Staunton Media Lab, a vocational program in audio and video editing for the blind, deaf, and uniquely-able. Founded by Deborah’s husband, artist assistant extraordinaire Steve O’Keefe, the Staunton Media Lab wants to make your profile. Their rates are very affordable and they use your assignments to teach editing to the so-called disabled.

To get your profile made, or to find out more about the Staunton Media Lab, contact executive director Steve O’Keefe or visit the SML YouTube channel.

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